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Individual Reclaimed Wood Pendant Lamps L46

Individual Reclaimed Wood Pendant Lamps L46

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Discover the rustic charm and industrial elegance of our reclaimed wood beam chandeliers. Each piece is handcrafted using authentic reclaimed wood beams, ensuring a unique and environmentally friendly lighting solution for your space. Combining rugged beauty with modern functionality, our chandeliers feature a blend of iron components and salvaged shades, along with new UL listed electrical parts and wiring for safety and reliability. Whether you're illuminating a cozy farmhouse kitchen or adding character to a contemporary loft, our beam chandeliers make a striking focal point in any room. Embrace the character of reclaimed materials and bring a touch of history into your home with these captivating lighting fixtures.

Introducing our Reclaimed Pine Wood Pendant Lamp, a stunning lighting fixture crafted from reclaimed pine wood for a rustic yet refined aesthetic.

Each pendant lamp is meticulously handcrafted from carefully selected pieces of reclaimed pine wood, ensuring that no two lamps are exactly alike. They measure roughly 12"H x 6"W each. The natural variations in the wood grain and texture add character and charm to every piece, making it a unique addition to any space.

Featuring new sockets and cloth-covered wiring, our pendant lamps are designed with both style and functionality in mind. The warm, ambient light emitted by the vintage-inspired bulbs creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for dining areas, living rooms, or any space in need of illumination with character.

The pendant lamps are sold separately, allowing you to customize the number and arrangement to suit your space and style preferences. Each lamp comes with a standard wooden canopy cover for easy installation and a cohesive look.

For spaces with multiple pendant lamps, you have the option to choose between individual canopy covers for each lamp or a single large canopy cover to streamline the installation process and create a unified appearance.

Elevate your interior lighting with our Reclaimed Pine Wood Pendant Lamp and bring the timeless beauty of reclaimed wood into your home décor.

Please note that the shipping is not included in the price. For an accurate cost estimate for your lamp's shipping cost, we kindly request you to send us an email (bottom of this page) so that we can give you an accurate cost. Thank you.

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