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Anthony Shields & Sons

Nacho Daddy Hex Wood Chandelier

Nacho Daddy Hex Wood Chandelier

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We will build a beautiful hexagonal shaped beam chandelier. It will consist of:

- Made from 4" x 4" pine wood colored with our Antique Brown stain.
- Have 3 black antique ceramic sockets per side for a total of 18 sockets.
- Have satin black iron plate on each corner (inside and out) for a total of 12 plates.
- Have 8 antique square head iron lag screws per plate for a total of 96 lag screws.
- Include 4 hooks inside the chandelier for hanging.
- Chains for suspension.
- Heavy duty mounting plate with 2 hooks, for the ceiling.
- An antique double pulley with the wheel welded to keep it from turning.
- Dimensions 62" x 72".
- It will come disassembled with clear and easy instructions for assembling. Comes in 6 pieces for easy assembly, pre-drilled and numbered. Simple electrical setup with quick connects included.

Production time is 2-3 weeks from order date.
Shipping will take 7 days by UPS.

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