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Therea Prentiss' Fireplace Mantel

Therea Prentiss' Fireplace Mantel

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We will make a 4-inch height by 4-inch depth by 51-inch width by 12-inch length (side pieces) mantel, designed with a square finish to match your preferences. It will include a 51" mantel with two 16" side pieces, all cut on a 45 degree angle for the corners. The side pieces will be adapted to fir the rounded edges on the front of the fireplace (as in the photo)

With a 2-3 week build time, this mantel will be left uncolored, and resemble the aesthetic of photo #305. Shipping to your home will take 7 days via UPS.

Rest assured, your mantel will arrive with all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions, ensuring a straightforward setup process. The mantel's width spans 51 inches, which includes the additional 4 inches, to your original 43 inches, extending on each side to perfectly accommodate your space.
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