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Legacy Craftsmanship for Your Home: Authentic Reclaimed Wood Mantels

Transform your living space into a testament of timeless elegance with Anthony Shields & Sons Inc. Our custom fireplace mantels, crafted from authentic, reclaimed wood beams, are more than just furniture—they're a piece of history and artistry that will stand as the focal point of your room.

Each mantel we create is imbued with a rustic charm and robust solidity, offering an unparalleled authenticity that sets us apart from the rest. Forget the commonplace faux mantels that flood the market; our creations are genuine, solid wood beams that promise to bring a transformative warmth and character to your home. Why compromise with imitations when you can own the real thing at a similar price point and with even greater ease of installation?

At Anthony Shields & Sons Inc., your vision is our mission. From the initial design to the final installation, we work closely with you to ensure that your mantel is precisely as you envisioned. We are dedicated to crafting not just a product, but an experience—one that will make you smile with satisfaction every time your eyes grace its beauty.

Choose a mantel that's as unique as your home. Choose Anthony Shields & Sons Inc., where every piece tells a story, and every creation is a legacy.

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