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Regal looking Reclaimed Wood Beam Fireplace Mantel with Legs #463

Regal looking Reclaimed Wood Beam Fireplace Mantel with Legs #463

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Embrace the Architectural Beauty: Mantels with Wood Beam Legs and Inside Wooden Corner Braces by Anthony Shields & Sons Inc.

Crafted from the same storied, character-rich reclaimed wood beams that define our collection, these mantels are elevated with the sturdy elegance of wood beam legs and reinforced with inside wooden corner braces. This design not only enhances the structural integrity but also adds a unique aesthetic dimension, blending seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional spaces.

The wood beam legs, paired with the inside wooden corner braces, offer both a solid foundation and a striking decorative feature. These elements work together to create a mantel of unmatched stability and style, where the natural beauty and the individual history of the reclaimed wood shine through, ensuring that each piece is as unique as your home.

Customization is at the heart of our philosophy, allowing each mantel to be perfectly tailored to your space, style, and specifications. Available in any size, finish, and color, our mantels are crafted to align with your vision, whether you're drawn to a light, airy aesthetic for a modern space or a rich, deep tone for a more traditional ambiance.

Installing your custom mantel is straightforward, thanks to our simple yet robust mounting system, ensuring that your mantel is not only a beautiful addition to your home but also a lasting one. This ease of installation, combined with the enduring appeal of our mantels, positions them as a favored choice among those looking to infuse their living spaces with warmth and character.

At Anthony Shields & Sons Inc., we pour our hearts into every mantel, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and the personal touch that goes into every piece. Our mantels with wood beam legs and inside wooden corner braces are more than just fireplace accessories; they are a testament to skilled craftsmanship and a source of warmth and joy for your family to gather around.

Prices for our mantels with wood beam legs and inside wooden corner braces start at USD$779 for a 4" x 6" x 48" piece, extending up to USD$1349 for an 8" x 8" x 96" mantel. This pricing includes the mantel, two legs, and the added support of wooden corner braces. Additional wood pieces or accessories shown in photos can be specified and added via the 'Mantel Quote Form'.

Design Your Dream Mantel with Enhanced Support and Style: Unleash your creativity to envision a mantel that perfectly complements your living space. Fill out the 'Mantel Quote Form' in the Options menu to specify your requirements for a truly bespoke mantel.

Please be aware that the prices mentioned are for guidance. For a detailed quotation tailored to your specific mantel dimensions and shipping needs, please complete the 'Mantel Quote Form' available in the Options menu. We look forward to crafting a piece that captures the essence of your home.

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