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Anthony Shields & Sons

Rustic Charm: Distressed Colored Reclaimed Wood Beam Fireplace Mantels #840

Rustic Charm: Distressed Colored Reclaimed Wood Beam Fireplace Mantels #840

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Introducing our exquisite collection of reclaimed wood beam fireplace mantels, each one uniquely distressed to perfection, exuding rustic charm and timeless elegance. Crafted from high-quality reclaimed pine wood beams, these mantels boast a weathered paint finish that reveals the natural beauty of the wood beneath, creating a stunning visual appeal.

What sets our mantels apart is their customizable nature - available in any color of your choosing, ensuring a seamless integration into your home decor. Whether you prefer a subtle hue or a bold statement color, our mantels can be tailored to your exact specifications. Plus, with each mantel numbered, you have the freedom to mix and match different aspects from various mantels, creating a truly personalized piece that reflects your unique style.

Our straightforward form makes it easy to request a quote for your desired mantel, as well as the shipping price, ensuring a hassle-free ordering process. As all our mantels are custom-made, they can be crafted to any size and finish, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your space.

Quote Form:

With their distinctive distressed colors and unparalleled craftsmanship, these new distressed colored mantels are poised to become the next big trend in home decor. Elevate your fireplace with a one-of-a-kind mantel that captures the rustic allure of reclaimed wood, adding warmth and character to any room.

The price indicated is representative of the photo
Approximate size of mantel in photo: 84"W x 54"H x 3"D

Contact us today to request a quote and bring the beauty of reclaimed wood into your home with our stunning distressed colored mantels.

Prices for our colored mantels start at USD$299 for a 4" x 6" x 48" simple mantel, extending up to USD$1499 for an 8" x 8" x 96" mantel with legs. This pricing includes the mantel, two legs. Additional wood pieces or accessories shown in photos can be specified and added via the 'Mantel Quote Form'.

Design Your Dream Mantel with Enhanced Support and Style: Unleash your creativity to envision a mantel that perfectly complements your living space. Fill out the 'Mantel Quote Form' in the Options menu to specify your requirements for a truly bespoke mantel.

Please be aware that the prices mentioned are for guidance. For a detailed quotation tailored to your specific mantel dimensions and shipping needs, please complete the 'Mantel Quote Form' available in the Options menu. We look forward to crafting a piece that captures the essence of your home.

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