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Anthony Shields & Sons

Classy Reclaimed Wood Wine rack #003

Classy Reclaimed Wood Wine rack #003

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Celebrate Tradition and Craftsmanship with Our Reclaimed Wood and Iron Wine Racks

Elevate your wine collection with the timeless elegance of our custom wine racks, crafted from the same exquisite reclaimed wood and robust iron used in our renowned mantels. Each wine rack combines the rustic charm of weathered wood with the industrial strength of iron, creating a stunning showcase for your cherished bottles. Designed to blend seamlessly with any decor, from the classic to the contemporary, these wine racks not only store your wine but also display it as a piece of art. Tailor-made to fit your space and style, our wine racks promise not just functionality but a statement piece that enhances the character of your home. Experience the perfect marriage of beauty and practicality, and let your wine collection tell a story of elegance and craftsmanship.

- Measures 10" across.
- Sits on the floor and secured to the wall or Wall mounted.
- Comes with hardware necessary for mounting. *Bolts need to be screwed into a wall stud*. The screws are perfectly aligned to use the same stud.

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